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Systems Design employs a team of highly qualified engineers, making it an expert at Designing, Managing and implementing Turnkey Projects for:
  • Studios Complexes
  • Satellite Channels Playout Centers
  • TV & Radio Master Control Rooms (MCR)
  • Newsrooms
  • Studios & Stages Lighting
  • Acoustical Isolation & Treatment Works
  • Audio & Video Restoration, Digitization and Archiving Solutions
  • Outdoor Broadcasting Vehicles (OB vans)
  • Virtual Studios & Augmented Reality Solutions
  • Video Transport Solutions
  • Video Assistant Referee (VAR) Solutions
  • Film Production Equipment
  • Terrestrial TV & Radio Transmission Stations
  • Broadcast Satellites Earth Stations (Teleports)
  • Professional AV Solutions

Studios Complexes

Systems Design employs a team of highly qualified engineers and adopts a continuous learning culture, making it an expert at Designing, Managing and Implementing Turnkey Projects for:

  • Setup and Support of all Equipment and Solutions
  • Consultancy and system design services
  • Complete Turnkey Solutions
  • Acoustical Isolation and Treatment Works
  • Technical Supervision for studio operations

Systems Design has developed extensive experience in setting up and operating studios for a variety of applications. Our track record includes participation in implementations of several mega studios as DMC Studios in the Egyptian Media City, Studios “11” & “5” in the Egyptian Television (ERTU) and the original studio and Playout facilities for Al-Ahly TV Channel which was ranked as one of the top ten broadcast installations in the Middle East region in 2009.

Satellite Channels Playout Centers

Working with our customers, Systems Designs provides customized, state-of-the-art solutions for Playout centers that meet their needs, including onsite or offsite locations and multichannel solutions. Our solutions package can also include the following value-added services:

  • Setup and Support of all Equipment and Solutions
  • Consultancy and system design services
  • Complete turnkey solutions
  • 24x7 on-site technical operation team

Systems Design has a successful track record of setting up, supporting and operating Playout centers, including multichannel Playout Centers as Saudi Media City Playout Center with capacity of 30 Channels in Saudi & Rotana Satellite Channels, the largest private playout center in Egypt with a capacity of 14 channels.


Systems Design offers innovative Newsroom Systems designed for use by Television & Radio broadcasters for producing, editing, timing, organizing and running news broadcasts. The offered Newsroom solutions facilitate editorial collaboration between news team members at every stage of the newscast production process.

Video Transport Solutions

Based on top notch technologies from market leading companies, Systems Design offers professional media transport solutions for different applications as;

  • Media Contribution: Video and Audio combined with Data transport services between broadcaster's different sites.
  • DTT Networks: Distribution of extremely accurate time signals over fiber-based networks for distribution from head ends to transmitters.
  • Sports Events Production: Transmission of video, audio and data signals between the venues and broadcast center for sports events.
  • Events Contribution: Long distance, international contribution of audio and video on a nationwide, continental or global basis.
  • IPTV Distribution: from central head ends to regional or local head ends
  • Satellite Contribution: Transport of media from broadcaster to satellite uplink stations over IP networks.
  • Mobile News Gathering

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